360 Hockeyskills Control

20 unique programs helping you develop Control all around your body!

Program built up in 5 areas, providing the most efficient training for you!

Step 1 - Buy the program

1. Klick down below and go to the Winnerheads Marketplace

2. Log in or create account

3. Choose the product and pay online

Step 2 - Download the App

Feature list:

Train anywhere, anytime

No special equipment and each training training sessions is 20 minutes long.

Works on all devices

App is free to download. Available for IOS and Android. Multi language. Multiple devices.

Low monthly cost

For only 9 Euro or 9 dollars per month you get a unique hockey training program in gamification form. No binding time.

High end videobased training

All videos in mobile HD with each instruction in slowmotion, close ups and normal speed.

Automatic flows within the App

The App controls the flow of every program. From instruction video, work time, rest time and the number of sets per drill.

Integrated motivation videos

The programs have integrated motivation videos helping you set the right focus and driving force to reach the highest quality.

Compete with your friends

Who will level up and clear the examination test on each level. A fun way to develop and compete with friends all over the world.

20 levels in 5 areas

The game is built up with 20 levels in 5 key areas. Each level representing one step in optimizing your development.

More than 150 training sessions

Each level consist of 10 training sessions, each session 20 minutes long. The length of the training makes it possible for you to do the program almost every day with focus and high quality.

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