Hockeyfabriken Skillscamp Winterbreak 2018 Björklinge – en

Hockeyfabriken Skillscamp Winterbreak includes:

9 icesessions in 3 days

In total 9 hours of ice with focus on details and your individual development in hockey skills. 

Every icesession and off-ice session has a dedicated theme

Every sessions is led på a dedicated Starzone Coach with the specifik theme as their speciality. 

6 Off-ice sessions with hockey specific training

We offer the most complete and detailed Camp combining ice and off-ice for the complete hockey development plan.

Clear goals and pedagogy for each age group.

Pedagogy and content planned to give every individual the best development during the Camp.

Dedicated goalie sessions with dedicated goalie coach

Unique possibility to work together with our goalie coaches with dedicated goalie sessions and skills. 

Attractive offers from our market leading partners.

Attractive product offers from CCM and Hockeyrevolution that gives you the best prerequisites for you to develop as a hockeyplayer.

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Pictures from Hockeyfabriken Skillscamp Summer