CCCP Skillscamp Summer 2018

CCCP Skillscamp Summer 2018 includes:

2 high intensity icesessions per day with worldleading Starzone skillscoaches

In total, 10 hours of ice with focus on details to increase your indvidual skills.

100 % focus on Individual skills - with and without the puck

Develop your individual development skills in skating, stickhandling, shooting and game situations.

5 games

1 game every day of Camp in total 5 hours of games.

All games recorded in Players Book and video analysis everyday at the Camp

All players that have our Players Book gets every game in their App and the players will have video analysis every day at the Camp.

Perfect combination of Skills and Games

We give you the perfect combination of NHL experience Powerskating training with powerskating coach Robby Glantz with 5 hour of in Camp games where every shift is recorded in the Players App.

Help you find the driveforce to reach your highest potential

At our Camps we will give you the oppurtunity to challenge yourself in every way.

Combine Skillstraining and games for the perfect start of the 2018/19 season

Learn how to skate faster with Starzone Sports

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