360 Summer Skills

100 training sessions for a one time fee of 20 dollars/Euro

Complete summer program for any ambitious player

3 unique programs for you to choose from:

All this is included in the program:

High end videobased training programs

10 unique workouts and 100 training sessions from the 360 Hockeyskills program. All delivered in your cell phone or tablet.

Responsive online programs

All programs are responsive and available online the second after you sign in. No download of App or any hidden actions are needed.

More than 50 % discount of normal prices

As part of the support of the ongoing corona pandemic Starzone and Winnerheads are determined to deliver high quality training in a fun and inspiring environment to a prize that any one can afford.

Choose between 3 key training elements

Choose between developing your puck control, your speed or your goal scoring ability. Or challenge yourself to the max and take part in multiple challenges. Each program is between 15-20 minutes long. Creating a program that suits any player of age in reference to do individual training with high level of focus and quality.

Easy to use responsive Web App

Our App is user friendly and available online, without download. The App has built in functionality like clock for timing each drill and a training engine controlling all details like repetions, sets and rest. As a player you press play and run the program.

High quality online training

Each program has instruction movies with high level of detailed instructions and pointers. Both in form of video and verbal communication. Each exercise has an individual instruction movie with slow motion, close up and normal speed.

High end individual training :




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